Quartz stone and engineered stone cabinet countertop which is more suitable

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Kitchen is a small place where to create food, also is a healthy place for family health, so it is important to select cabinet countertops. The most commonly used is cabinet countertops, if the cabinet countertop quality is not good, it will affect the use of the entire cabinet. We often confused in many countertops quartz stone and engineered stone, which is more suitable for the countertops, how to distinguish them is we are more concerned.

We all know that the kitchen is relatively with heavy fume, the countertop in use will inevitably contact with the knife shovel, so we should pay attention to his wear resistance scratch resistance, anti-permeability and easy to clean when buying countertops. Both quartz stone and engineered stone are all artificial stone, they have the same production process but different raw materials. Quartz stone is made of 93% quartz sand and resin by more than -95 vacuum and more than 50 tons of pressure die-casting, quartz sand up to 93%, known as quartz stone. Engineered stone is made of natural gravel and glue through die-casting, known as engineering stone.

Quartz stone and engineered stone are decorated stone, quartz stone is a green interior decoration stone, engineered stone is an outdoor decorative stone. There is simply nothing comparable between two materials, they have different usage, quartz stone prices are higher than engineered stone. If produce cabinet countertops, the writer recommended choose quartz stone.

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