Repairing method for quartz stone after joint discoloring

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In the home decoration stone, quartz stone is listed as green environmental protection decoration stone by the state for its wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, impermeability, non-toxic, non-radiation, zero formaldehyde and other characteristics. Quartz stone has the advantages of natural granite, marble beauty, artificial stone color and so on. Using organic resin as binder makes the appearance of quartz stone appear warm and mellow, removing the cold and stiff feeling of natural stone, more colorful patterns and more widely used fields. Quartz stone uses quartz sand with very high hardness as filler, so that the hardness of the plate can reach up to 7 Mohs hardness, which also brings some difficulties to the later processing.

At present quartz stone application is the most common cabinet countertop, so that everyone should be the most headache in the countertop use for about a year, splicing seam discoloration, a direct impact on the overall beauty of the cabinet. Quartz stone splicing generally uses glue or marble glue issued by quartz stone manufacturers. The possible reason for discoloration is glue mixing or splicing seam infiltration. How to repair after discoloration? Let's have a look together.
Whatever the cause of discoloration, we should first of all have discolored cracks embedded, the original glue water treatment clean. Then is to adjust the glue, first use the manufacturer's color resin glue added to the quartz powder mixing, according to the site temperature and humidity to add curing agent (curing agent will appear too much yellow or glue). If the gap is too large, the pad can be taken out from the bottom of the board to be polished and embedded into the gap, and then the prepared glue can be filled in. Because the glue will shrink after curing, the glue should be higher than the surface. Finally is the grinding, after the glue completely solidified can use the natural granite special polishing machine, from 50-3000 mesh water grinding sheet from coarse to fine grinding, so that the sheet will be bright and smooth as new. In use, we should pay attention to the gap protection, avoid contact with dark liquid such as soy sauce, vinegar and other materials, after the use of timely cleaning, increase the frequency of crack waxing.

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