what circumstances will change quartz stone color?

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For the green environmental decorative quartz stone,does not have to worry about the liquid permeation with dense nonporous smooth surface in using.As cabinet countertop has a good anti-corrosion ability,with detergent or soapy water can be wiped with a rag for long time stains on the suface,If necessary, scraped off the surface with a blade retentate,do not have to worry about being scratched.However, the quartz stone countertops will be discoloration or suck color after a period of time , what is the reason for this change?

Everyone should know, faded and exhaustion are common for artificial stone solid surface.Quartz and ordinary artificial stone production process is completely different, why this problem will happen then? There are two reasons for this problem. The first reason is production material quality problem, the second reason is production process and equipments. The material purity of brand quartz factory is high,colors are colored with toner,production process is casting. It is small possibility for discolor with this material selection and manufacturing process.

At present, the quartz stone price is big difference, some price is only more than 100, but some higher price is up to thousand.

Faced with such confusion in the market,the three strategies let you trained eyes before buying. First, surface, poor quality of quartz stone surface particles uneven distribution, plastic texture is relatively strong. Second, weight, qualified quartz stone density is high, up to 2.6g / c m so relatively heavy. Third, high temperature resistance, burning cigarette can be used in the sheet surface,the imprint left after combustion, it can be wipped or not, if not, it is unqualified.

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