Advantages of selection of artificial stone slab for home improvement and artifi

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    With improvement of our quality of life, the aesthetic of home improvement has been changed, many people use stone recently, artificial stone become the highest utilization of the material. Artificial stone is a re-use of resources, compared to other materials, it has high energy consumption mode of production, artificial stone industry has great potential for development, and a wide range of artificial stone. We commonly used artificial stone products on market can be divided into: acrylic solid surface, terrazzo, quartz stone and man-made stone (engineering stone), their performance has differences.

Artificial stone products are the most popular kind of decorative materials, there are many characteristics like natural stone, because of artificial production, it is adjustable, the product color variety, rich colors, flexibility is better, can be made for any shape, and seamless joint. Artificial stone products has ceramic luster. Artificial quartz stone with high hardness, easy to wear, high temperature characteristics, clean-up is quite convenient. Therefore, should be based on the use in the selection of artificial stone products.

Types of artificial stone and its application

1, Acrylic solid surface: we said acrylic contains resin solid surface, modified acrylic and pure acrylic.It is use of resin and aluminum hydroxide powder or calcium carbonate powder on stirring, the natural curing from the vacuum, no chromatic aberration, no pollution, seamless splicing.. Applicable to irregular shape item processing, film and television wall production.

2, Quartz stone: 93% of the quartz and 7% of the resin as the main raw material by mixing, under vacuum conditions by high pressure and high vibration casting. Slab with high hardness, not easy to scratch, wear-resisting, non-toxic and many other advantages, applicable for the table, ground and wall .

3, Sintered stone: is mixing of feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite and other powder and hematite powder, and a certain amount of high-grade soil common, the general ratio of 60% stone powder, clay 40%, using mixed pulp Preparation of the blank, with semi-dry pressure molding, and then in the kiln at about 1000 high temperature roasting. It has good decoration, stable performance, but subject to high temperature roasting, and thus energy consumption, high cost, applicable for indoor and outdoor wall decoration.

4, Terrazzo (also known as grinding stone) is mixing the gravel, glass and other aggregate into the cement paste made of coagulation products after surface grinding and polishing, often used on the ground of outdoor public places.

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