How to deal with quartz stone perfect stitching

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Quartz stone has antibacterial, high temperature, wear resistance, anti-leakage, non-toxic, no radiation and other superior performance, was included in the national green decorative stone, it has been more and more recognized in the modern home decoration. But in the decoration, cannot avoid two pieces of splicing or even more pieces of stitching, quartz stone slab hardness up to Mohs hardness of 7, after stitching, in order to be seamless, inevitably on the splicing and the surrounding polished. But after the polished joints will appear whitening phenomenon, the darker the color of the slab the more serious whitening phenomenon, dark slab after polished the white higher probability!

What is the reason for the stitching? We all know that the surface of quartz stone pals as a mirror, this is because the quartz stone manufacturers in the production of large-scale high-speed water mill polishing. Water mill polishing is a multi-channel 2000 head water grinding head, the high pressure, high speed grinding results, other handheld tools cannot reached. The phenomenon of whitening after grinding by the angle grinder is because the base of the quartz stone slab is white, and the luster and color of the surface of the slab are broken during the grinding process, revealing the white matrix, which is why the slab color the more obvious the phenomenon of whitening the more seams, thus affecting the overall beauty.

How to avoid or how to solve it? This is a matter of concern to all of us. First of all, we should find professionals in the process of installation of the slab to avoid the secondary grinding and polishing, it should be avoided when the straight mouth splicing when installing, handled into a 45 ° oblique stitching,so as to achieve seamless docking,and avoiding the docking of the glue exposed to bring unnecessary secondary grinding. Such as wax can be used and use of varnish treatment to deal with whitening, but these two methods cannot solve the problem for a long time,it can only be temporarily alleviated, or use of brightener or resin repair it, by this way, you can keep longer time but cannot be eradicated.

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