The quartz stone will quickly seize the natural stone

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    With the rapid development of modern economy, construction not only need to meet its basic efficacy, but also need to meet people's aesthetic, spiritual and other needs.So the requirements of the building decoration  has been a lot of improvement compared to the past,for every building, decoration is an unavoidable problem,especially for the home building, decoration is more important.In the past, limited by our country economy development level, it is narrow for the choice of the construction decorative material,the free to play space is limited. But today, construction decorative material industry has been rapid developed, people has more choices,meanwhile,faced with health, pollution and other issues, the development of architectural decoration materials are more and more attention.

    Since the beginning, natural stone is a larger proportion in high-end architectural decoration,consumers also have unlimited pursuit of high-end decorative effect.As well known as, natural stone will destroy the mountain and environment in the mining process,and natural stone is not renewable resources, is not inexhaustible,at the same time,local governments have also stepped up restrictions on mining, stone is increasingly scarce, resulting in increased cost and difficulty of mining.

    As a result, artificial stone products were born relative to natural stone.Artificial stone, quartz stone production process will not cause environmental pollution because of state requirement for clean production.Selection high quality raw materials of quartz stone to ensure the environmental health products,quartz stone can be mass produced and also renewable,can meet the supply of various types of large-scale projects,the physical properties of quartz stone wear resistance, scratch resistance, anti-penetration, anti-fouling, easy care, etc., to make up for the use of natural stone and maintenance defects. And the most important, quartz stone color texture is taken from nature, and beyond the natural,the overall decorative effect is comparable with the natural stone, while recognized by the designers which are focused on the high-end places.

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