The difference and harm between artificial quartz stone and natural marble

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    At present, stone is widely used in decoration, decoration stone includes natural stone and artificial stone, different stone has different effect. Many customers don’t know the difference between natural stone and artificial quartz stone when they purchase the decoration stone. How to choose the decoration stone, what is the harm of natural marble and artificial quartz stone, we should know before purchasing.

   The difference and harm between artificial quartz stone and natural marble.Natural stone is taken from natural,the stone generated through the crust of various activities in the nature,it is the material after artificial mining, cutting, polishing and other processes,it has a certain destructive and pollution for nature environment. The natural marble is harmful to health,radioactivity is the main problem, a lot of stone have the characteristic. The natural marble radioactivity has two cases, one is that it will hurt the blood of the body , nervous system after direct exposure, the other is radon,this substance will increase the risk of lung cancer after being inhaled by the body when it is distributed to the air.

    Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone, it is a new stone with 93% quartz crystal ,resin and other trace elements,it has some excellent quality but conventional artificial stone does not have.Quartz stone has a rich natural color and hardness,quartz stone surface is smooth without any pores and small cracks. Quartz stone main material is SO2,which chemical nature is very stable, it is difficult to produce the reaction of the material,quartz stone is non-toxic non-radiation green decorative stone. But because of the quartz stone high price, it is not sure that some unscrupulous merchants to maximize the benefits,they use the poor quality to produce,please recognize carefully when you purchase.

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