Why avoid to open in site for quartz contertop:

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The quality of kitchen countertop will influnce the kitchen cabinet life directly, our country cabinet countertop material course is from wood countertop to natural stone countertop, stainless steel countertop, and artificial stone quartz stone countertop, it changed five Dynasties during 30 years. The quartz stone is the firt selection of cabinet countertops, because the quartz has artificial stone plasiticity, non-poisonous, non-toxic, anti-osmosis and also has natural stone texture and hardness, it is a new construction decoration material. With the mature of quartz production level, some quartz adds the particle for the beauty of quartz solid surface, it is more difficult for processing, especial for opening the hole.

Opening hole is the most importan for solid surface processing, if it doesn’t open well, it will influnce the countertop life directly. The quartz hardness is up to 7 grade, if it opens the hole in site, the tool is only handle cutting machine, it will appear edge breakage and small crack if misoperation, and during the using, the countertop will break if the coutertop unevenly stressing or uneven heating. The particle solid surface is easier to break the edge.

How to trepanning on the solid surface? It should select to trepanning in factory with large water knife, note to avoid to trepanning 90°,right angle hole will break the countertop when the countertop unevenly stressing or thump. It should trepanning with rounded opening process. If the customer ask to trepanning in site, should reduce the dust flying, you should watering the cutting mouth when you trepanning.

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