The difference between artificial quartz and granite:

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At present, it’s wide range to select the cabinet solid surface, such as natural stone, artificial stone, acrylic, stainless steel. Because of the particularity of cabinet use requirement, it’s higher for hardness, artificial stone and granite are the top with their advantages in the numerous materials, but what’s the difference between of them?

Quartz stone is the new technological artificial stone with wee quartz, the ingredients are over 93% quartz stone, high performance resin and tailor-made pigment. The artificial stone cabinet is on the base of high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid-base resistance,impact resistance, easy to clean, it’s no harmful radioactive elements. The hardness of quartz stone is the same as granite, the same colorful as marble, construction is the same as glass to corrosion resistance and anti-pollution, the perfect form after finishing machining is the same as artificial stone.

Granite is igneous rock, also named acid crystallization plutonic rock, it’s the most widely distributed in igneous rocks. it belongs to hardness stone. It is composed by feldspar, quartz and mica, the main compose is silica, about 65%-75%. Rock is hard and dense, it are ‘giant crystal’, ‘coarse-grain’ and ‘fine grain’ according to the granular size. Granite quality is up to mineral composition and construction. The good quality granite, crystalline particle is fine and uniform, mica is little and quartz is much, there is no pyrite. Granite is not easy metamorphic, the appearance can keep more than 100 years.

Quartz and granite main composition are silica, quartz belongs to artificial stone, there is the strict standard during the production, it is selected by factory after decontamination and pickling. Granite belongs to natural stone, it is formed naturally. There is serious radioactive material, it is a certain harmful to body for long time contact.

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