Hidden trouble and attention in process of Quartz countertops

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In our daily life, every family most widely used stuff is kitchen cabinet countertops, it is a key point in the choice of purchase and make countertops, with the high hardness of quartz sand and forming with high pressure in the condition of vacuum, quartz slab is the first choice for kitchen cabinet countertops. What possible hidden trouble in production of artificial quartz countertops?

And how to avoid it?

Like other material producing, quartz countertop composed of surface, front and back splash, basin hole,stove hole,gas pipe hole, etc., the biggest problems in the processing is edge breakage in the cutting,and it is the main reason to cause surface cracking.Don’t strike when moving,avoid hole digging in advance.How to make a countertop?

Mainly to see attention of cutting, splicing,and stitching and hole digging,we should check the color difference before cutting, in order to avoid the influence of appearance. Splicing is an important procedure,especially achieve seamless splicing. Avoid using marble glue, we  recommend use our matching adhesive, (it should made by quartz manufacturers). After let us have a look at hole, a lot of people would choose hole digging in kitchen, it is worth noting that hole digging should choose round edge, square edge is likely to be caused great influence of cracking. Seam polish is forbidden, some people might say does not polish will be uneven, but after polished on both sides will be white. This is depend on the worker’s technology and equipment to solve this problem.

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