The practical value and use of quartz stone

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Quartz stone is composed with natural quartz crystal mineral, the Sio2 is high to 99.9%, the factory will clean and purificate during the producing, there is no any radiant heavy metal impurities. The quartz solid surface is composed with 93% quartz crystal and others resin, it belongs to new construction interior decoration artificial stone.

With the rapid development of our country enterprise, improvement of technology and production, at present, quartz stone is widely used to floor, wall panel, window,cabinet countertop,table top and door pocket of hotel,bank,hospital and family decoration. Because the quartz is used to beautiful decoration, you must operate carefully with the abrasive to get the beautiful design of variety application.

   The main is quartz value of use. Wear resisting: the hardness of quartz solid surface is over 6.5Moh, will not be scratched; easy to clean:the quartz stone is complex material with vacuum condition,daily liquid will not penetrate inside it, for a long time on the surface of liquid, should be erased by rag with water or clean and bright cleanser; non-toxic no radiation: quartz surface is smooth and no scratches, dense non-porous structure, there is no space to hide the bacteria, can touch the food directly, safe and non-toxic.

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