The way to prevent trick during choose quartz stone.

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At present, artificial stone products in the quartz stone market is growing rapidly, so many companies want to enter into have a share, so a variety of brands be arose, competition is also increasing. As there is no standard on the market, some small quartz stone manufacturers began to maximize the benefits, so tricks come up on entire quartz market.

For many home decoration consumers, the market trick made quartz stone buyers helpless, for this phenomenon, Will the consumer be powerless? what is worse is that in order to maximize the benefits of quartz stone, someone even declared the name of '100% imported' or 'imported brand' to preach, in fact, the so-called 'import' is just a gimmick, product materials and technology come from domestic. In order to confirm the 'authenticity' of its imports, merchants will also issue import declarations and original certificates, and promise to leave a compensable ten, let you have to believe.

The so-called "True blue will never stain ", a good product afford receive inspection. To prevent trick can start from the following. Formal quartz stone manufacturers, products will be marked, such as factory name, factory date and security standards. Quartz stone slab is a green decorative stone, with wear-resistant, scratch, high temperature, anti-penetration and other superior performance, can be verified before purchase. Common quartz stone on the market thickness is 15mm, you can use the caliper test entire slab, it can be characterized as inferior products if thickness ± more than 0.5mm.

Finally editor what to tell you a proverb is " The higher the price, the better the quality of the merchandise", the price of the product is proportional to the value. For the quartz stone industry is also like this, so purchase of quartz stone should pay more attention to its value.

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