How can we repair cracks in quartz:

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Artificial stone is widely used in decoration because of its environmental advantage, artificial stone is polyphyly, it’s different product according different environment. At present, the main artificial stones in china are acrylic solid surface, modified acrylic solid surface,quartz stone, artificial granite,artificial terrazzo etc. The quartz stone is one of most widely application in decoration. Because the quartz factories are many and complex, the quality is uneven. There will be unnecessary problems in using, such as bleed, change color, scratch,scald, the most main problem is break. Why the quartz break?

Quartz stone belongs to brittle polymer composite materials, it has the property of heat bilges and cold shrink, it has shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation break etc mechanical properties. When the solid surface can’t bear innerstress heat bilges and cold shrink and the external serious impact crash, the quartz stone solid surface will break. So, during the use of solid surface, we should try to avoid the overheating object, should use heat proof mat; should try to avoid serious impact the solid surface especial empty position, quartz stone is quartz stone, it’s not chopping board. How can we repair cracks?

In strict sense, quartz stone can’t repair when it breaks, you can change the new solid surface. But the cost will be too high, after all, the quartz stone price is higher than other stones.

The methods of repair:

First of all, we should pick up the solid surface the the filler strips,

Then, to open the crack with the grinder, 0.3mm is the best

Then, the modulation of glue, use resin and quartz powder, add curing agent according to the environment, the color should be the same to the solid surface

Lastfill the crack with the glue, after fixed, polish. Note: polishing ,should use the high speed grinding and polishing machine, various mesh should be over 3000 mesh.

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