Quartz stone countertops cleaning and maintenance tips

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In modern decorations, kitchen and bathroom countertops mostly use quartz stone made countertop. In daily life, countertop is easily to be stain or even damaged, it brings troubles to users, quartz stone is easy cleaning and anti-penetration. Why countertops out of all recognition in the use of a period, how to clean quartz stone table as early as possible? Today editor introduce some tips cleaning and maintenance of quartz stone countertops, make your home back to the clean.

Quartz stone countertop composition: just as its name implies, quartz stone countertop is made of artificial quartz stone slabs, quartz stone is a new type of composite material, be made up 93% of quartz sand and unsaturated polyester resin by pressing, it belongs to a kind of artificial stone products. Due to raw materials and production process differences, quartz stone can be divided into verity types, different types with different performance.

How to maintain in life?

1,To be avoid the high temperature objects directly strike surface, quartz stone slab is a friable high polymer composite materials with thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, also existence of a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation at break Rate and other mechanical properties, it will be burst when slab cannot sustain the thermal expansion and contraction of the internal stress and external. You can use a pot holder with rubber feet, or put a heat pad on the countertop.

2,To be avoid touch with the strong chemical: quartz stone has a lasting anti-damage ability, but still need to avoid touch with strong chemicals, such as paint, metal cleaning agents, stove cleaning agents. Use a lot of soap and water to wash the countertop surface immediately if it is inadvertently in touch with the above items.

3, Try to keep the table dry: because the water contains a lot of bleach and incrustation, if stay too long, they will make the table color lighter and affect exterior. Therefore, if countertop stained with water, it needed to wipe with a cloth in time. Quartz stone water absorption rate is 0.02% almost zero, it has possibility of penetration, possibility of penetration relatively large if liquid on the surface is too long time!

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