Which one is better between green environment decoration artificial stone and qu

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Now, artificial stone is used wider and wider in home decoration, especial in cabinet countertop. The quartz stone is the new green environment decoration material, is widely used in home decoration, and known and accepted by more and more customers, it will instead of traditional decoration material step by step, such as tile. Then, which one is better between artificial stone and quartz stone?

Many people named pure acrylic solid surface, modified acrylic solid surface, aluminite powder solid surface and calcium powder solid surface as artificial stone. The best artificial stone is pure acrylic solid surface, then modified acrylic solid surface. Artificial stone processing shape is beautiful, abnormity produced and seamless splice, tenacity is good, the pure acrylic is best. Artificial stone is easy to repair, if the time is longer, it is can be new after polishing. But the hardness is worse than quartz stone, if rough objects rubs on the surface, it will easy be scratched, temperature resistance is worse, it will easy out of shape in the high temperature.

In fact ,the quartz stone belongs to artificial stone, quartz stone composite is natural quartz, is suppressed with resin. Quartz stone is named quartz stone by quartz factory because of 93% quartz inside. Quartz stone high hardness, wear resistance and temperature resistance are higher than artificial stone, it has natural stone features, it’s perfect combination of artificial stone and natural stone.

There are no good or bad difference between artificial stone and quartz stone, there are difference composition and manufacturing technique. When you purchase artificial stone, you should know the solid surface features, to select suitable for yourself according to your requirement. So there is no best, only suitable is the best.

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