Advantages of choose quartz stone as a kitchen cabinet material

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With quartz stone is widely used in home decoration, more and more people use quartz stone as a kitchen cabinet  material when decorating kitchens, what advantages compared quartz stone cabinet with traditional wooden cabinet? Here we analyze from all angles. Why the quartz stone cabinet will replace the wooden cabinet?

1,Environmental protection: wooden cabinet is generally made of wood through chemical glue, contains harmful ingredients more or less, like formaldehyde we often heard. While quartz stone cabinet is used quartz sand and resin by high pressuring in production process, does not contain any possible stuff caused of environmental pollution, quartz stone has been listed as green and environmental decorative stone.

2, Mildew: kitchen as one of the most important areas of home with humid environment, wooden board in the humid environment is more prone to mildew breeding bacteria. Not only will affect the appearance, but also on the storage of food. Because there is no bacteria can cause the breeding of ingredients, quartz stone cabinet not possible to be mildewed. Quartz stone water absorption is 0.02% do not be afraid of about water penetrate or soak, as quartz stone itself is both moisture and waterproof.

3, Fire resistance and high temperature: Not to mention the fact that fire and high temperature in kitchen, so need to the fire and high temperature resistance, wood cabinet itself is flammable physical and contact with high temperature is also prone to qualitative change, wood material without fire performance. Quartz stone itself with fire performance, quartz stone slab can be up to 300 ° high temperature, it has certain advantages as the cabinet material.

4, Cleaning: It is difficult to clean kitchen up, need to spend a lot of time. Quartz stone surface is smooth, without any pores and small cracks so that stains nowhere to hide, use of water can be quickly cleaned up, it can also be easily cleaned stubborn stains with soapy water.


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