The rock plate looks like quartz stone,but it is not quartz stone, what’s the di

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It’s not easy to select the home decoration material, there are many of the materials in construction materials, ravished the eye with them, but the price is big difference, different material looks like the same. At present market, rock plate and quartz stone, it’s a big difficult problem for selecting people. Then we state the difference between rock plate and quartz stone.

Quartz stone is one of well known cabinet countertops by people, it is made of 93% quartz sand and unsaturated epoxy resin after pressure casting, it is named quartz stone by factory because it includes 93% quartz. Quartz stone is green environmental material according with national environmental standard, it is wearproof, scratch resistance,high temperature resistance, anti-osmosis, F-zero, non-toxic, no radiation, the usual thicknesses are 15mm and 20mm, applied in cabinet countertop, experiment countertop, windowsill, floor, interior wall etc.

Rock plate is made of natural clay,silica, and feldspar powder etc through 1200 degrees high termperature burn, it belongs to tiles. The rock plate density and hardness are very high, scratch resistance, anti-osmosis, non-toxic,no radiation, it’s new construction material. It’s easy broken in processing, process cost is high, RMB400/linear meter, it needs the auxiliary plate. The usual thicknesses are 3mm, 6mm and 12mm.

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