News: VARIO MERCATO, Philippines, is here to discuss its business.

Number of visits:information sources:Shandong Kang Jieli New Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2018/6/19

In June 15, 2018, Ms. MRS. VIRGIE G.MONTON, general manager of LAVAPORT TRADING INTERNATIONAL VARIO MERCATO CO, Ltd, visited Kang Jie company for business negotiation, and conducted factory inspection, product verification and processing capability assessment for the cooperation reached by both sides. Li Tinghong, chief executive officer of the company, Chen Yong, director of marketing and business manager of the Ministry of foreign trade, have received guests from all over the world in the way of Sheng Guo and Huang Yuxiang.

LAVAPORT TRADING INTERNATIONAL VARIO MERCATO CO, Ltd is a medium and high-end office facilities, home and luxury hotel facilities design and decoration, and Italy import commodity distribution and after-sales service of multi variety, cross industry international trading company, the company has a history of more than ten years, in Philippines domestic service too big The high-end projects, including five star hotels and a large number of private villas, have great influence in Philippines.
Li always introduced the company's development history to the company, and led the customer to visit the company's production line and introduced the quality control system. MRS. VIRGIE G.MONTON was highly approved for our company's technology. The technology and packaging are also very satisfied, which has strengthened the willingness of the two sides to cooperate. After returning home, MRS. VIRGIE G.MONTON will invite local designers and other partners to actively promote Kang Jie Li quartz stone products and integrate Kang Jie Li's quartz stone elements in more projects to improve the product design and decoration level of the company.
TRADING INTERNATIONAL Jieli Kang company and LAVAPORT VARIO MERCATO CO, Ltd Belt and Road Initiative cooperation in line with national industrial policy, laid the foundation for the development of Philippines market, Jieli Kang, Kang Jieli marks the company "transfer mode, adjust the structure, promote the upgrade strategy further!

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