Reasons for quartz stone replace natural stone in decoration in the future

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Stone material get more and more popular in modern decoration, it is widely used in interior design. Building decorative stones include natural stone, artificial stone and quartz stone. Frequently used is natural stone and quartz stone, but quartz stone price is higher than other stone in many decorative stones,and the proportion is high,reasons for the choice of quartz stone as follows:

1.Ultra-low radiation. As the natural quartz sand radioactivity is very low, so quartz stone radioactive index is lower than the A-level safety standards more than ten times, nearly harmless to the human body,it is a real green decorative building materials.

2, Quartz stone with high density without bubble, so it is high anti-penetration ability, anti-disease, anti-dirt, anti-frostbite, easy to clean; quartz stone water absorption is almost zero, it will not cause the frostbite, water spots, will not return to alkali, rust, in wet and winter environment.

3, High glossy. Quartz stone completely using technology of physical polishing, without glue and wax, glossiness can be up to 60 degrees -90 degrees, moreover the gloss is natural, lasting, do not need special conservation.

4, High hardness. Quartz stone use high hardness of quartz sand as raw material, product Mohs hardness up to 7, reached the hardness of natural granite level.

5, Large area uses without color difference. To adopt the industrialization of CNC standard production, raw materials rich, uniform quality, supply quickly, can be meet the one-time supply requirements, the finished product quality and performance are constant.

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