Why adhesive not dry for a long on splicing

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Quartz stone has been widely used in the entire building decoration, it has a rich color which can be manually adjusted, also hardness the same as natural stone. So quartz stone and ordinary artificial stone have different processing, in particular to do seamless splicing, for the glue used in splicing a lot of people will recommend that use the quartz stone manufacturers provided, but it often a long time is not solidified, what is the reason?

The reasons caused adhesive not solidified are the following:

1, the workers did not strictly in accordance with the proportion of the construction to adjust the glue, not proportional to the proportion will not solidfied,after a long period, it will pollute the stone!

2,Not according to the construction site environment (temperature, humidity modulation),it should mixed quartz powder with accelerant to use, so the temperature and humidity have certain requirements.The amount of accelerate should change accordingly.

3, The glue doping water, or in the rainy days and wet areas of the construction of the glue are the reason caused glue not solidfied, in this case the use of accelerant should be increased.

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