How to repair the quartz surface after getting white

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Quartz solid surface is the similar as natural stone, people usually misunderstand. Quartz stone solid surface belongs to artificial stone solid surface. Quartz stone is multi-colors, beautiful surface, anti-microbial, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, antiseep, non-poisonous, nonradiative etc good performances, more and more people can accept in home decoration. But when decorating, it can’t avoid to cut and polish, after polishing, it will be white, the solid surface color is darker, the white will be serious.

   Whitening reasons: as well known, the quartz surface smooth as mirror, because of the water polishing during producing. Water polishing is the result of thirty 2000 mu high pressure and high speed polishing, the other tools can’t compare with it. Whitening appearance after polishing with angle grinder, the quartz stone body is white, during polishing with angle grinder, the solid surface gloss and color are destroyed, the body is appear, that’s why the solid surface color is darker, the whitening is more clear.

The method of repairing, polishing with wax on the surface of quartz, but the time is short. Or spary with varnish and sensitizer, the time of duration will be half year. Is there Completely eradicated? That is refurbished polishing, professional staff polish the surface with handled grinding polishing machine, abrasive disc should be over 3000 Mu.

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