Balcony is transformed into a kitchen, can quartz stone be used as a main materi

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At present for the high cost of urban housing prices, we can use more than one centimeter of space are absolutely not wasted, so the balcony is transformed into a kitchen is nothing strange. Many people will directly change the kitchen into the balcony, many people will use quartz stone material, like the washing machine countertops, is it reasonable changing balcony directly into a kitchen, how to choose materials, many people do not know, we must understand The following points before transformation.

Legitimacy: Before deciding to transform the balcony, we must first seek the consent of the property. In addition, the balcony is generally has safe gas pipeline facilities, these utilities are not allowed to change by the owner, so must apply before the transformation.

Load-bearing: As the balcony is not like the living room or bedroom with load-bearing walls, the bearing capacity of the balcony is limited, so the weight of the decoration materials should be done before the budget. The weight of the balcony is different according to the structure of the balcony and the bearing capacity, the general structure of the balcony is divided into wall-mounted, beam-type, pick-plate, each structure of the bearing capacity is different, but the general bearing capacity 200 kilograms per square meter. Quartz stone density is 2.6g / cm³, so it is unlikely to use quartz stone to do the cabinet, but we can make quartz stone countertops.

Design: kitchen fumes are heavy, balcony space is generally small, if changed into a kitchen, if it can guarantee that the smoke does not affect the living room, bedroom and other room environment. So in the design must do a good job planning and smoke disposal. We should look for professionals to carry out construction, the lack of relevant experience and no professional guidance may lead to trouble in future.

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