How to maintain and clean quartz stone countertop surface

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Quartz stone with natural stone texture and beautiful luster, color is rich, with a strong decorative effect. Because it is synthetic, relatively hard,high temperature resistant and anti-permeability, maintenance is easy. Usually at home after the timely operation with a rag to scrub the table, you can also be a week for a unit for cleaning and maintenance, one year focus on maintenance once. Good quartz stone long-term use will not be deformed, and environmental health, can be achieved food grade.

1,To keep dry to avoid long-term immersion for quartz stone surface, to prevent the quartz stone deformation. To prevent the water bleach and scale so that the color of quartz stone lighter, affecting the appearance.

2, to prevent the spread of chemical touch with quartz, paint, metal cleaning agent, stove cleaning agent, methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish), strong acid cleaning agent, if inadvertently touch with the above items, brush the surface with plenty of soapy water. If you dip nail polish, please use a detergent that does not contain acetone (such as alcohol) to wipe, and then washed with water.

3, Do not let heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface, large or overweight containers cannot be placed on top of the table for a long time; do not rinse immediately with cold water with hot water.

4,Promptly clean after use, you can use soapy water or ammonia detergent ingredients (such as detergent) can be cleaned, for scale, you can use the wet cloth to remove the scale and then wipe with a dry cloth.

5, To avoid direct touch with the superheated objects, quartz stone is brittle polymer composite materials, with a certain thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, and a certain degree of shrinkage stress, elongation at break and other mechanical properties, There will be burst when the slab cannot withstand hot and cold Shrinkage to the internal stress.

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