Poor quality quartz stone’s harmful to body:

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    Quartz stone is made of natural quartz mineral, the SiO2 is up to 99.9%, purificat and clean during the manufacturing process, there is no any radiation heavy metal impurities, 93% quartz and other resin make the quartz stone without radiation risk. Quartz stone surface is smooth without scratch, non-porous material structure makes no bacteria, can touch the food directly, safe and non-poisonous. It can be widely used in public buildings and home decoration(kitchen countertop, commode, wall panel,dinning-table, tea table, windowsill,door pocket etc). Quartz stone is non-radiation, recycled environmental,green new interior decoration material.

    But quartz market is jumbly in civil, the price difference is big, the customers can’t recoganize good or bad. So some illegal manufactures add the poor quality inorganic pigment including plumbum and cadmium into the organic solvent during the manufacturing. This poor quality quartz will be harmful to body health via food. Or use the glue with methanal to reduce the cost, it is still more methanal after processing the countertop, it volatilizes heavy methanal within 3-5 years, indoor air without circulation or high temperature environment, will speed up volatilizing the toxic substance, touch long time, maybe it caused cancer.

    How to recoganize the quartz stone, first, smelling the smell, good quality quartz is environmental material, it smells like natural stone. Poor quality quartz is heavy methanal smell, it can’t be selected, it’s harmful to life! Second, scrach with knife, scrach is white, it’s below standard, or use polish the surface back with under 200mu emery paper, if it falls quartz powder, it is below standard.

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