Technology for seamless joint of quartz stone

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Due to noble, elegant, light can be Kam's effect of quartz stone are widely used in the decoration. There are waxing maintenance and crystal surface treatment in daily use, it can be sustainable quartz stone surface of the light. But it always has no good method to deal with joint of quartz stone, because quartz stone joint is obvious, after a period of time, the joint will appear irreversible pollution, such as joints to be black, it seriously affect the quartz overall beauty.

Quartz stone slab hardness can be up to Mohs hardness of 7, just only lower the hardness of diamonds, so it is difficult to be seamless joint in the processing of quartz stone. Quartz stone countertops is not the same as other artificial stone products, can be free to polish, quartz stone slabs will lose gloss and whiting after polish.

Quartz stone seamless joint process technologies are as the following steps

1,Connector to be cut in bevel, try to avoid straight flange to joint.Use of matched adhesive provided by quartz stone manufacturers to improve the overall sense, it should to be match the color when joint to achieve the best visual effects.

2, paint resin adhesive homogeneoususing F clamp or A clamp to fix. The glue will be drum by the squeezed, it is not busy to remove because adhesive will have a certain degree of shrinkage after fixed.

3, using of polished section and polished filler, make it to be a horizontal, increase the overall sense of stone. then grinding and polishing by using of granite-specific polishing machine, then polishing with 50-3000 water polished section to make the slabs bright and smooth as new.

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