How harmful to body health if quartz stone added calcium

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Kitchen material is the key for home decoration, cabinet, door sheet, tops etc. Cabinet is environmental, door sheet is anti-corrosion, tops are hard, this is the common sense. But , tops quality influnces the cabinet life directly.

At present, tops main materials are quartz, artificial stone, natural stone, stainless steel is used little. Simple speaking, artificial stone is made of resin, calcium powder, pigment and curing agent. Quartz is made of quartz crystal, resin and other microelement after high pressure, high vibration,high temperature. Because there is 93% quartz sands, so it is called quartz stone by factory, it is also the most popular products.

Because the quartz stone price is higher than others stone, some factories will add calcium for reducing the cost. Calcium is corrosivity, if the food touched the calcium countertops for long time, it will cause pollute, will influnce people digestive tract.

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