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Quartz stone was originally used only in the cabinet countertops, furniture table, laboratory console. With the economic and market development, more foreign countries began to used quartz to be floor, walls, furniture and other fields, such as a variety of large hotels, luxury residential, landmark buildings, quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone. Quartz stone will become the mainstream material for kitchen cabinet countertops, with application for bathroom vanity top, tabletop, floor, wall and other areas, quartz stone will be pregnant with a huge industry.

Quartz stone in China has been development more than ten years, although a variety of quartz stone products in the market nowadays, the quality of the product is uneven, many friends have been asking how to identify the quartz stone is good or bad?

1.Seeing hardness of slabs, there two ways: one for the Die-cast; the other for the casting. Casting quartz stone is directly to be cast molding, bring about slabs with pores and easy to penetrate, and with too much resin easy to crack. Die-cast quartz stone through high pressing by pressing machine, making the slabs more tight and dense will not be penetrated, but now die-casting quartz stone quality is uneven in market, mainly because different pressing machine. Small quartz stone manufacturers pressing machine is small, generally in the 20 tons of pressure, and large manufacturers presses is more than 60 tons reach to 90 tons more or less. Large manufacturer’s slab force of 20T per square meter, hardness of the slab can be reach Mohs hardness of 6 or more (can be detected by the professional sector).Sound is brittle when hit the countertop, quality of the countertop reliable.

2.Whether quartz stone countertops can be good, depending on the strength of manufacturers, strength of manufacturers settled by the R & D department, color of quartz stone is precisely to reflect the strength of a company. Quartz stone color mainly are single color and multicolor. Single color mainly according to background whether transparent and number of impurities to judge good or bad. Multicolor is mainly composed of solid wood doors, high-end cabinets, mainly in the titanium series, Symphony series, the ordinary two-color three-color system. Small manufacturers and low-end brand of quartz is mainly single color, slightly even a little ordinary two-color and three-color series, almost no manufacturers have full range of colors.

3.Finally analysis according to particle, good quartz stone particles are rich, there are glass particles, quartz sand particles, metal particles, and good slabs particles with less impurities, these slabs are fresh, clean and beautiful.

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