The quartz stone is born from the mesa and applied to the whole decoration indus

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The common mesa are artificial stone, natural stone, quartz stone, stainless steel etc, the most popular is quartz stone mesa at present. The mesa isdivided into cabinet countertop, lab countertop and windowsill etc. Whereever the countertop is used in, the requirement of the countertops are the same: wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-osmosis and non-toxic non radiative.

More than 10 years ago, the common coutertops are artificial stone and natural stone in our country. Artificial stone is suppressed by high temperature with stone powder and artificial fiber. Its main features are colorful, the surface is no capillary hole, stain resistance, acid-resistin, corrosion resistance, easy to clean. There are original processing in transfromation, bond. Because there is no capillary hole, it’s not easy for oil contamination, waterlogging to permeate, so it’s strong stain resistance; it can splice seamlessly with any length. But the artificial is easy to scratch, the hardness is not enough, anti-microbial and environmental are not good. The natural stone are marble and granite etc. The natural stone has the natural texture, it’s beautiful, but the natural stone has capillary hole, easy to store the oli contamination, the natural stone is easy to break, the length is not over 1 meter, the natural stone has the piece, these pieces are easy dirty, not health.

With the life quality and health requirement are higher and higher, the technology is beyond step by step, the quartz is good instead of the artifical stone and natural stone. The quartz stone is pressure casting by equipment with 93% quartz sand and 7% resin. The hardness is up to 7 grade, it can’t be hurt by common iron. The solid surface water absorption is 0.02%, the liquid can’t permeate in the solid surface. The quartz stone belongs to artificial stone, because there is 93% in the solid surface, it is called quartz stone by quartz factory.

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