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Italy Verona stone exhibition MARMOMACC is the world's largest stone industry, the most authoritative exhibition, the exhibition was founded in 1965, has successfully held 51 sessions. Is the world's largest stone industry, the most influential professional exhibition, but also in Europe and the world stone market important trading platform.

As the world's leading stone industrial exhibition, Italy Verona International Stone Fair in 2017 of the exposition of the stone industry of all kinds of products, fully show the development trend of the international stone industry and provide a full range of stone market information, is a good opportunity to stone raw materials suppliers, processing equipment manufacturers and buyers come together and develop. The Italy market is also an important channel for Chinese stone to penetrate the European market as well as the global market.
The exhibition time is Italy local time: September 2017, 27-30, venue: Italy Verona International Exhibition Center
This exhibition, Kang Jieli company with classic color, color and color pattern, quartz stone exhibition, also brought a grainy quartz stone company this year to develop new exhibitions, strive for in this exhibition, by contrast, and the same product world Yangchangbuduan, expand the influence and lay the foundation for Jieli Kang to further expand the international market, stone.
China Kang Jieli, is also the world health Jieli! Go out of the country, around the world, Kang Jieli will take this exhibition as an opportunity to make better products and development, and constantly create new glories!

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