Can you distinguish quartz stone countertops and diamond countertops?

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There are many kinds of materials can be used as kitchen cabinet counter in kitchen decoration, such as artificial stone, board fireproofing, stainless steel, quartz stone, marble, etc., quartz stone is the best choice of kitchen cabinet countertop. Now there is a diamond stone countertop in the market, what is the diamond stone? What is the difference between it and quartz stone?

Diamond stone commonly known as "diamond", that is the original of diamond, is the hardest material in all things. However, in cabinet countertops market, seller introduced diamond stone is wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-osmosis, with colorful combination makes it a natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss. Some of these features are incredible. What is the different from quartz stone countertop?

After inquiry and researching information, diamond stone is made of 93% of quartz sand and 7% of resin by high pressure and high vibration artificial synthesis, surface by more than 30 polishing process. Many people would say that is not it quartz stone? Yes, in fact,it is quartz stone, but the quartz stone manufacturers called different. However, keep your eyes to purchase, to prevent shoddy, to avoid the purchase of counterfeit products.

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