Glass countertop is coming, how much influnce to quartz stone countertop?

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Mordern decoration not only required the style but also required the material. At present, if we mention the decoration, we will remember a word ‘methanal’, so the requirements of environmental of decoration material is higher and higher. The kitchen decoration is the key of the home decoration, because the kitchen touched the food directly. The environmental of the cabinet countertop is the highest. At present, the environmental countertops are artificial stone, quartz stone, acrylic, thin plates, explosion-proof glass. Explosion-proof glass the new countertop material, what are the advantages than quartz material?

Quartz stone is well-known, it belongs to artificial stone, the main ingredient is SO2, is named quartz stone by factories. The explosion-proof glass is specially dealed, the hardness is higher than stalinite, the price is also higher than stalinite, even higher than quartz price.

It is more complex in processing than quartz stone, quartz stone is arbitrary cutting and seamless jointing, explosion-proof glass can’t be cut and process after explosion, you only process shape what you need before explosion. Though the explosion-proof glass hardness is higher than common glass, the explosion-proof glass is self-destruction when the temperature difference is big, the quartz stone does not exist this possiblity.

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