What temperature of quartz slabs can bear

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Quartz stone in home decoration is getting higher and higher, especially kitchen cabinet countertops in the home decoration is the most common, and the problems bnecome more obvious, such as the burst and color shade.

Quartz stone slab is composed of more than 93% of natural quartz sand and about 7% pigment, resin and other accelerants. Artificial quartz stone is under vacuuming, high frequency vibration molding, heating curing, its texture is hard and dense structure, with wear-resisting (Mohs hardness above 6), pressure (density 2.0g / cubic Cm), high temperature resistance (temperature can be 300 ), anti-corrosion, anti-penetration, witgout any pollution sources and radiation sources,it is a new green artificial stone, quartz stone prices are higher than other stone.

Why the hot containers directly put on the countertop will cause a burst and discoloration? Since quartz stone slab can withstand high temperature of 300 °, Because the above-mentioned quartz stone slab material contains 7% of the resin, easily cause Heat rise and shrinkage phenomena, due to not reserved for expansion joints, it is easy to crack or can be color shade. Quartz stone manufacturers suggest that users should avoid direct contact with thermal container, it should be used insulation pad.

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