What advantages of quartz stone compared to ordinary artificial stone and natura

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Decorative stone can be divided into natural stone, artificial stone and quartz stone, there is no good and bad points between them. Because of different composition, the difference of characteristics is large. It should be clear that they value the characteristics of these materials during purchase of stone, to make a reasonable choice. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic awareness,a simple straight line in decoration has been unable to meet the pursuit of aesthetics, stone cutting and parquet technology to improve the charm of the decoration in the beauty of the curve to show most vividly. Let's take a look at them.

Natural stone is taken from the natural, in the nature of the earth through a variety of activities generated by the stone, through mining, cutting, polishing and other processes be made of materials. Artificial stone mainly contains resin, aluminum powder, pigment and curing agent, it’s a polymer building materials, the manufacturing process is a chemical material reaction process, it is a kind of material which with the progress of science and technology and continue to improve. Artificial stone is mainly used in the building decoration industry, is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material.

Quartz stone is derived from the continuous innovation, greatly increased its own hardness, strength than ordinary artificial stone, it’s wear-resistance , high temperature, impact resistance has been further strengthened, especially the application of nanotechnology to form a lotus leaf surface structure, its anti-bacterialanti-bacterial ability greatly improved. The application range of quartz stone is more extensive as using a series of new technologies, new materials, new technology, its wider range of applications.

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