What is the difference between pouring quartz stone and casting quartz stone?

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Stone decoration has now become an indispensable home improvement decorative materials, in many home improvement stone materials, quartz stone is a kind of super-hard environmental  composite slab produced by the world's most advanced production technology, the surface of the slab harder than granite , color as rich as marble, structure is anti-corrosion and anti-fouling same as glass, finishing perfect like solid surface. Because of its excellent performance in many aspects, it was apart from artificial stone and to be known as quartz stone.

Quartz stone market currently has many brands and dazzling colors, quartz stone price is huge differences, quality is also different. Many people thought it was just a stone slab, the production was not high-tech, why the quality gap is so much, were manufacturers’ excuse for raising the sales prices? If you think so, that's a big mistake.

Quartz stone in the production process can be divided into two kinds of casting quartz stone and die-casting quartz stone, due to the different quartz stone production process, quality will be vastly different. Because die-casting quartz stones’ density higher than pouring one. Die-casting quartz stone is simultaneously using vacuum and high-pressure suppression, after high temperature, high vibration and a series of processing, the product of the internal structure of dense is stable, density is high; pouring quartz stone is put the raw material through mixing directly into the mold and vacuum, the internal structure of the product is not stable, and therefore with less dense. Even if same kind of die-casting slab, because the size of the press tonnage also have some quality differences, cheap pressing machine made by domestic is only tens of thousands, but expensive to reach three million.

What is the difference between the slab? The ratio of the density, the density of the slab to the density of 999.972 kg / m3 under standard atmospheric pressure and pure water at 3.98 is less than 1.5g / m³ and the specific gravity of the slab is more than 2.3g / m³. Environmental performance of cast slab is a natural cure at room temperature, without any treatment, slab metal chemicals left damage human body. The die-casting slab is cured by curing OT and high-temperature,all the chemical composition inside through high-temperature treatment, is affirmative environmental protection surface material. Thus, Die Casting slab has always been environmentally friendly and won the trust of consumers.

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