How much the degree of high temperature will quartz plate burst.

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Now the highest utilization rate in architectural decoration stone is quartz, quartz is made of 93% quartz crystal and 7% resin and other adhesive after mixing, through vacuum high pressure high vibration forming, belong to the artificial stone plate, also known as synthetic stone. The surface of quartz is smooth, dense, and rich color and is comparable with natural stone. At the same time, it has some advantages such as toughness, non-volatile gas, non-toxic and non-radiation, no color difference in large area use.

Quartz stone is the perfect combination of natural beauty and high technology. The plate is made from pressure of more than 50 tons by die-casting process, and the hardness is not lower than the mohs hardness 6, and the density is 2.6g/c. The absorbent water of quartz is only 0.02%, which is almost zero, and has an anti-osmotic function. The plate is solidified at 150 degree temperature, so it has high temperature resistance and high temperature resistance 300 degrees.

When it comes to the high temperature resistance 300 degree of quartz plate, many people will have their own opinions. The relevant documents shown by quartz manufacturer show that the quartz can withstand 300 degrees of high temperature. But plates often crack after touching high temperature object in use, because of high hardness of quartzit is difficult to repair after it appears crack, so everyone has a certain suspicion in quartz resistance high temperature.

How much temperature can quartz plate endure? I would still say more than 300 degrees, because there's no change in the overall quartz plates heating 300 degrees. Many people will ask why touch a hot pot to causes explosion. The quartz belongs to fragility polymer material with certain thermal expansion and cold-contraction characteristics. When the plate is heated in some local place, it does not endure internal tress from thermal expansion and cold-contractionso it can be cracked.

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