Why more and more people choose quartz stone on the table of cupboard

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In the kitchen decoration, a very important choice is what the kitchen cabinet to use, this choice is directly decided after the use. Nowadays, there are so many kitchen materials on the market. Why do more and more people choose to use quartz stone? Is quartz stone table superior to other materials?

Why does everyone say quartz stone is good, first of all because of its texture is very hard, quartz stone is in the condition of vacuum die-casting, sheet, be the same outside and inside dense and nonporous density can reach 2.6g/ m fand, so it is fully showed that the hardness of the quartz stone, and is not easy the split, even if long time won't have to worry about the occurrence of cracks.

After that, the quartz surface has excellent anticorrosion ability to the acid-base and so on. The daily use of liquid substances will not penetrate the interior. The water absorption rate of quartz stone plate is only 0.02%, which is almost zero. So the liquid that is placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be erased with a clean cloth or a cleaning agent, and the blade can be scraped away from the surface when necessary.

The quartzite has many advantages, such as the stone of natural granite, the beauty of marble, the color of artificial granite and so on. Quartz quartzite manufactures quartz sand and resin die-casting to make its appearance look warm and round. It removes the cold and stiff feeling of natural stone, and its color is more colorful, and it can be perfectly combined with different color cabinet.

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