What do you know about the hazards of quartz countertops

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The most popular of cabinet countertop is quartz, quartz appearance is beautiful and generous, gloss is good. It has no radiation risk and feels smooth and cold. Quartz countertop adopt super hard quartz crystal as stuffing material.It will not leave any trace with the direct strokes of the knife. It has excellent performance such as super hard wearing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-toxic. Since quartz hardly any pore, so there is no need to worry about oil penetrate, the daily only need to be wiped with clean water. Quartz life is up to decades.

But looking at quartz mixed and disorderly piscine jumbly market appears, the price is difference  made consumers difficult to distinguish. Some illegal quartz manufacturers used inferior raw materials for production in the production process. Inferior quartz manufacturers are ignoring the interests of consumers in pursuit of profits. Although the prices are low, they are seriously harmful to consumers' health. Let me show you bad quartz stone is to harm human body!

1.    Although hardness of quartz is strong, but if some unscrupulous businessmen mixed into excess air bubble inside in quartz plate, this will affect the hardness of quartz, make it lose its natural resistance wearing, and finally finished product is easy to fracture, also easy to falling powder, if used for a long time, is likely to respiratory disease caused by inhaling too much powder.

2.    Some illegal merchants will use low-quality inorganic pigments in quartzite production, such as lead or cadmium, directly add organic solvents. If we use this inferior product all the time, harmful substances, such as heavy metals in it, can enter the digestive system directly, which can harm our health.

As a result of the production cost of the quartz is higher, some illegal businessmen cut costs,
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