Should be used filler strip or underboarding to install quartz stone countertops

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Although the installation of the kitchen countertops is the last process,it is the most important part. Cabinet installation is good or bad, directly impact on the overall life of cabinets! Whether using filler strip or underboarding to install quartz stone countertops, we all have opinions. we should  be understood before commenting.

Quartz stone is a kind of artificial stone by the way of pressure casting, its density is higher, weight is heavier than artificial stone and natural stone. If the cabinet material is solid wood or stone, and carry capacity is enough, can be not using filler strip or underboarding, but currently  many of cabinets material is chipboard, its load-bearing weaker. In this case,it is better to use filler strip or underboarding, because the force applied to the cabinet can be evenly distributed.

Should be used filler strip or underboarding?We know that the purpose of using filler strip or underboarding is to make the work surface more uniform and reduce the chance of countertop cracking. In general, we are common using aluminum alloy or quartz stone keel, steel keel, aluminum keel and so on under the quartz stone countertops. The choice of underboarding is generally wood, wood underboarding affected by the air is relatively large, easy to thermal expansion and contraction, resulting in broken countertop and affect the normal use of countertops; and filler strip will not be affected by the air, not easy to deformed, filler strip is also the same decomposition of the gravity of the countertops to improve the surface of the bearing capacity and enhance the life of cabinets.


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