Quartz stone market has currently "out of stock" phenomenon, is it true

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Quartz stone is a common green decorative stone, belongs to artificial stone products, also known as synthetic stone. Quartz stone is made of 93% quartz (quartz silica content is 99.9%) and 7% of the resin and other adhesive by die-casting, because main material quartz as a filler, it is known as quartz stone by manufacturers. Quartz stone slab density is 2.6g / cm³, Mohs hardness of 6 or more, water absorption of 0.02% is almost zero, so the quartz stone with wear resistance, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-penetration, non-toxic and non-radiation and many other advantages.

Quartz stone color can be artificially controlled so rich, the surface is smooth and dense non-porous so that bacteria nowhere to hide, it is the best cabinet countertop materials (because China's quartz stone production technology and capacity is not mature before, quartz stone dependent imports, so only used in high-end decoration). With improvement of China's quartz stone production capacity and R & D technology, quartz stone slab is not rich people exclusive. At present, quartz stone has been widely used in hotels, restaurant and public areas of the decoration and home improvement in the ground, wall decoration and so on.

With the expansion of the application of quartz stone, and the growing demand of the market, some unscrupulous businesses have the opportunity to fish in troubled waters, use of poor quality raw materials and crude production equipment for production, and then low prices. So the price of quartz stone has a greater gap between the quartz stone market, the quality is uneven. In the face of the country's strict management of environmental protection, some small stone stone workshop was directly shut down, not to obtain environmental protection production license of small manufacturers have to suspend production for rectification. Faced with the arrival of the decoration season, many people will face "out of stock", this information is true? We analyze the following two "out of stock" phenomenon. The first, some small workshops and small manufacturers were shut down and suspend production for rectification, resulting in the original seller has no goods for sale. The second, large-scale brand manufacturers in the face of sudden production plans outside the order, to adjust the production plan, procurement of raw materials, arrange production, need a production cycle. For the lack of shortage of quartz stone we should have been judged it

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