he cabinet selects the quartz stone table, in the end do you want to do the bar?

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The table is an indispensable part of the cupboard. As a cooking operation platform, it is used frequently in the kitchen, and it is also easy to get oil stains and water stains. Therefore, the table of cabinet should not only choose good quality, but also easy to clean and maintain.
At present, the commonly used cabinet table materials are natural stone, artificial stone, quartzite and stainless steel, but the price of quartz stone is the highest in many materials. Because quartz stone has many advantages, such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti permeability and so on, quartz stone is the first material with superior performance. Many people have different opinions on whether or not the quartzite tabletop does not have to do the water bar.

The main function of the water retaining strip is that the water can be effectively blocked when the water is accumulated on the table, and it will not let the water flow down directly to the ground or the cabinet. The water retaining section is also divided into two kinds, one is on the table outside the place, called the front water retaining strip; one is on the table by the wall, called after the water bar.
1, before the water retaining strip can avoid the surface water flow to the cabinet door and other places, avoid seeper, cause the ground slippery; however, after the water front, when cooking will be out of the way.
2, the rear water retaining strip can prevent the water flowing into the gap between the wall and the mesa, and make up the gap between the table and the wall. And if not installed after the water retaining strip, gap appears between the board and the wall, water may flow into the gap, between the cabinet and the wall is dead, is not easy to clean, if there is water leakage into it, it will easily lead to black mold, but also easy to accumulation of smoke and dust.

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