A lot of quartz stone manufacturers to stop production by the environmental imp

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For now,we are familiar with green environmental decoration quartz stone, it is composed of 93% quartz,7% unsaturated resin and other adhesives,casted by stirring, high pressure and high vacuo to vibration, high temperature curing processes, it belongs to artificial stone, also named synthetic stone.It named quartz stone by manufacture because of 93% quartz.Because the quartz stone is rich in color, smooth and dense non-porous and wear-resistant, scratch, high temperature, anti-penetration, zero formaldehyde, non-toxic and non-radiation performance, is widely used in the interior decoration.

Recently, across the country set off to combat environmental pollution,control the phenomenon of "three wastes" strictly,Suspend production for rectification ,demolitions, eliminate the closure off, closed down, detention are the small quartz factories’biggest challenge problem.Before many unscrupulous businesses maximize the benefits,the use of poor quality raw materials, the use of crude production equipment, resulting in the production of garbage chaos row to reduce the price of quartz stone, for the short-term interests thrown to the value.

Said that many people will think why the brand quartz stone manufacturers have not been affected by the impact of environmental protection? In fact, for quartz stone manufacturers, the pollution produced by polishing of sewage and noise.However, the brand quartz stone manufacturers used equipment for the well-known brands, equipment, less noise.For wastewater treatment, the brand manufacturers have their own sewage treatment system, the resulting sewage after treatment again.
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