A method of repairing the crack of quartz stone

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Artificial quartz stone is also called synthetic stone and regenerated stone. Because the content of quartz in plate is more than 93%, the production technology and equipment are quite different from ordinary man-made stone, and quartz stone is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturer. Compared with the ordinary quartz stone artificial stone plate increasing the hardness and wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti permeability, rich colors, and natural stone surface more smooth, no scratches and explosion proof of Mao Xikong. More importantly, quartz stone is non-toxic, radiant and zero formaldehyde, which is in line with the national standard of green interior decoration stone. This is also the main reason why quartz stone can quickly occupy the decorative stone market.

But the biggest problem in the application of the quartz stone is cracking, this is because the quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, also have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, there is also a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation and other mechanical properties, when the material cannot withstand internal stress and external impact will seriously thermal cracking. The common cause of cracking is 1, and the unsuitable opening of the material in the processing is caused. The sheet may appear in the opening of the material. 2. Opening holes, hole and hole should be made of round angle opening to avoid the unequal cracking in the use of force. 3. The expansion joint should be reserved in order to avoid the thermal expansion and shrinkage cracking of the plate. 4, avoid contact with hot solvent, quartz melting point of 1300 does not represent the sheet by heat, avoid heat cracking. 5, to prevent the heavy blow, the plate has a certain brittle part of the heavy blow is also a major cause of cracking.
After cracking, if the quartz stone is cracked, if it is not caused by improper self operation, it can be applied for sale and replace the new table within a year. In case of improper operation, professional persons should be sought for repair. First of all, we should crack the cracks and use the same resin coloring to repair the cracks, then use the resin glue to add the quartz powder and then fill it up and then wax it after repair. If the gap is too large at the bottom of the table, the strip is removed and the gap is embedded in the gap for repair.

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