The appearance is extremely similar to quartz and granite, why the price is diff

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    Stone is one of the oldest building materials. Because the stone material is easy to obtain in early stage, and strong and durable, beautiful, luxuriant and noble, the application in building is becoming more and more extensive, and has been used to today. The architectural decoration stone material includes two kinds of natural stone and artificial stone material. Today people pursure environmental protection mode of life,the application of artificial stone has surpassed natural stone.

The artificial stone product is variety, the application domain also involves the whole decoration stone. The ordinary artificial stone aluminum powder board and calcium powder board are used in the countertop of cabinet in the early stage, and now it is more applied to the shape and indoor wall. Acrylic can be divided into pure acrylic and compound acrylic, and can be made in any shape after heating. It is often used in shaped processing. Quartzite is the highest hardness of the artificial stone products, and is applied to the production of countertop, indoor floor and wall. The artificial granite is also known as the engineering stone, which is more applied to outdoor wall decoration

Among the many artificial stone products, quartz and artificial granite appearance are very similar, people who do not know about stone are hard to distinguish, but their price is also the biggest difference. We want to know the difference between them, comprised by 93% quartz and 7% resin casting, hardness up to mohs hardness level 7, but granite is composited marble powder (gravel) and resin synthesis, so the hardness is usually only mohs hardness grade 4 to 6. Quartz can be reused, because the interior material of the quartz is evenly distributed, so no matter the front or the back are almost the same, but granite can't reuse, because of its front effect is made through special process, once damage it can no longer use.

It can be seen from the above, quartz and granite have bigger difference between raw material, process or production equipment, so the quartz in wear-resisting, scratch resistant, high temperature resistant, permeation-proof are superior to artificial granite.

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