The family living room floor decoration chooses quartz stone or ceramic tile

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The sitting room is our external space for reception of friends and family, is the center of the center of living space. Therefore, the choice of material in decorating is very important. As people's awareness of environmental protection is rising, and the aesthetic demand for home decoration is becoming higher and higher, it is a choice for many people to choose stone materials instead of ceramics. Quartz stone, as meet the national green and environmental decoration stone, has been gradually expanded from the kitchen to the floor, walls and other areas. Quartz belongs to artificial stone, compared with ceramic tile production and manufacturing, it has obvious advantages in early stage launch and energy saving.

As the country is more and more strict with energy conservation protection, ceramic brick production limit will be more and more strict, under this trend, artificial quartz plate or will become a popular building decoration materials, get a piece of the cake from the ceramic tile marketCoupled with the support of government policy, in recent years, quartz manufacturing equipment rise in domestic, make the production of quartz manufacturer is increasing quartz price fall laid a good foundation in the future market.

What is the advantage of quartz compared with tile?

1.    Compared with ceramic tile, the process of quartz is much simpler, and it is not necessary to enter a furnace to burn, no need to enter a spray tower.

2.    The purchase of raw material quartz is convenient,broken glass and other wastes can be used in raw materials, making products of different colors, which can effectively recycle waste materials.

3.    Quartz stone is more wear-resistant than ceramic tile, high density, hard texture, and more wear resistance than a ceramic tile.

4.    Energy consumption of ceramic brick is high, the pollution is relatively serious, the pollution treatment of quartz also saves a lot of expenses.

5.    Compared with ceramics, quartz can be still taken it off,it is perfect after the new polishing.

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