2018 how to break through the bottleneck in the quartzite industry

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After decades of development of artificial stone products in China, the industry scale, number of employees, output and technology level of domestic stone industry have been greatly improved, and occupy a decisive position in the world artificial stone industry. Quartz has also been developing for more than ten years in our country. It has gone through the historical transformation from scratch to strong, and has accumulated huge potential for development and is facing fierce competition.

Under such conditions, China's quartzite manufacturers stand out, attracting many international quartz quarry brands, such as a strong wave, which brings fierce competition between domestic and international brands in China's quartzite industry. Our quartz stone market between international and domestic brands of fierce competition, China presents a quartz stone on the market prosperity, full of vigour and positive mental outlook; reflects our quartz stone market strong productivity and create vitality; harmonious development and promote our healthy and orderly market of quartz stone.
Quartzite will develop more varieties to adapt to different decorative fields. Molding production will be the main way for the production of quartz stone in the process of production process. Molding production using a molding process, can be directly pressed around the table retaining edge, material utilization rate is as high as 99%, without subsequent polishing, water and other surface processing process, does not produce any waste gas, water and dust. In terms of product market, it will break through the traditional application field, and has broad application prospects. "It can replace high-grade ceramic, wood and metal decoration materials". Specially shaped artificial stone products, such as arts and crafts, film and television walls, floor tiles, furniture panels, ceiling and so on. It is more reflected in its environmental value.

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