Quartz stone countertops joints darkened, how to restore

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The biggest advantage of quartz stone is environmentally friendly, other than beautiful and durable. Nowadays, people pay more attention to environmental protection due to their material and living standards. Compared with ordinary building materials filled with formaldehyde, the new type of die-casting artificial stone is fast seizing the market of other decorative materials. As the production process is different than and other artificial stone products, it is called quartz by manufacturers. The emergence of quartz stone not only can prevent to over-exploitation of natural stone, but also absorb some of the waste materials, although quartz stone price is high, the decorative effect is also better than other stone, extensive use without color difference.

With the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements, a variety of building materials have certain restrictions, as the government strongly support the quartz stone is gradually entering into a family, become a counter top cabinet materials leader. Until now, we are familiar with the quartz stone products is the countertops, but many problems have also occurred in the kitchen countertops, such as the most troublesome stitching seam darken.

Often the table was installed, the use of a period of time joint will gradually darkened. The reason for darkening is excess of adhesive, resulting in glue darkening; in addition, adhesive long-term oxidation in the air can also cause darkening. The vast majority of adhesive will appear this situation, the difference is only the length of time depth of color. This is why quartz stone manufacturers will be matched with special adhesive! Then it is in the manufacture and installation of the counter top processing joint is lax, the gap is too large, long-term using led to the joint of counter top darkened!

Restore methods can using polishing machine to polish, after then spraying varnish or sensitizer, but this method cannot be eradicated, need regular waxing treatment. Another way is to find professionals to re-splicing.

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