Why artificial stone is gradually replaced by quartz for kitchen cabinet counter

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Natural beauty and high-tech perfect combination, with the emergence of artificial stone products so that people have a deeper understanding. Advances in technology not only make building materials products innovation, but also changed the way of production of building materials, people and the environment more harmonious relationship. Artificial stone products also gradually come into each family, as the standard configuration for cabinet counter tops.

Artificial stone can be roughly divided into ordinary artificial stone and quartz stone, the composition of quartz stone and ordinary artificial stone have larger differences, quartz stone separated from artificial stone series by manufacturers. Quartz stone has high hardness of natural stone, acid and alkali, impact resistance, easy to clean, without any harmful radioactive elements for people. The surface of slab is harder than granite. The color is as rich as marble, structure is anti-corrosion and anti-fouling like glass. Because of the many advantages of quartz stone,it has become the preferred counter tops.

Quartz stone is quickly occupied the entire countertops market, whether general artificial stone application market will gradually shrink? However, things are not like what we imagined. Artificial stone is a umbrella name for aluminum / calcium powder stone slab and acrylic, artificial stone products have beautifully shaped, mainly curved, shaped processing and absolutely seamless splicing, the use of problems easy to repair, re-polished can be as bright as new. Currently more used in home decoration.

Whether quartz or ordinary artificial stone, are a kind of brittle polymer composites, have a certain thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. Therefore, the processing or installation must take into account the characteristics of the material itself, to avoid unnecessary trouble later.

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