The type and performance of artificial stone products, do not buy blindly

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Nowadays, the amount of artificial stone products used in building decoration is constantly contending. Artificial stone science is called polymer composite material, which is the perfect combination of high technology and nature. Artificial stone products have various colors and natural flexibility. They are suitable for making various kinds of shapes, large areas of use, no color difference, seamless splicing, and most importantly, non-toxic, radiant free, etc., which are suitable for decoration and decoration in various places.

At present, most of the artificial stone products on the market are ordinary man-made stone (calcium / aluminum) plates, acrylic, quartz stone, artificial granite and so on. What we are most familiar with is quartz stone, which is known as the representative of the cabinet counter.
The use rate of quartz stone in artificial stone is the highest, and it is called artificial marble. The quartz stone is as rich as marble, and the structure is antiseptic and antiseptic like glass, and the refined form is as perfect as an artificial stone. Because of its excellent performance in many aspects, it occupies an irreplaceable position in decorative stone.
The big family often said the artificial stone is in fact a compound acrylic, acrylic in spite of the hardness is a bit inferior, but also become the biggest advantage of acrylic. Plastic acrylic has very good performance, can make many other designers, realize the design idea, making any other.
Artificial granites are also known as regenerated stones. The main raw materials for artificial granites are natural lithotripsy and calcium powder. In today's natural resource shortage, artificial granites can be very good subsidies.

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