How to pass the jointed joint of quartz stone table to be qualified

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Quartz stone has many colors and natural texture and luster. Its surface is smooth without any pores and tiny cracks. It is in line with the national indoor green environmental friendly decorative stone. Because the cost of quartzite factory is too high, the price of quartzite is too high, so that the general family is very difficult to bear. Therefore, the early quartzite is applied to the places with higher requirements, such as laboratory, cabinet and top floor.
Xiaobian found that many families bought more than 1000 yuan in the visit, but the joint processing is not in place, which directly affects the beauty of the whole table. In the end, what kind of seams are qualified? What the little editor should say is at least not obvious!

The quartz stone decorative stone in the highest hardness, density can reach 2.6g/ m fand, general iron can cause damage to the surface. The water absorption of quartzite is very low, the water absorption rate of qualified plate is 0.02%, which can be said to be almost zero, so it is not necessary to worry about the penetration. But this also brings some trouble to the processing, and the technology and experience of the seams are very high.
When the quartzite splicing is stitching, the processing requirements for the spelling interface are very high. The tailor interface needs to be fully anastomosed. This technology process for the processing of personnel is a big test, at present a lot of quartz stone cutting saw can be directly cut out processors. When it is spliced, it should be pasted with the original and the same color glue. The color should be opposite to the plate before it appears, so as to avoid color difference. The paper tape is pasted on the two edge to the edge of the interface. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble when the glue is cleaned with the plane. After completing the preparation, the uniform coated glue is fixed with the F clip for about 20 minutes. Need grinding polishing mill should be used in turn to more than 3000 meshes, it can avoid the white sheet.

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