The development trend of artificial quartzite in the decoration stone market

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Many building decoration materials from the analysis of product performance, wood containing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, there are currently 80% wooden furniture are benzene and formaldehyde exceed the standard Chinese phenomenon on the market, but the natural marble has a large radiation hazard, is disadvantageous to the human body, the interior decoration can not be 360 degrees to use. The quartzite is filled with natural quartz sand, which is heated and solidified through a vacuum high pressure kiln.

Green building decorative stone quartz stone can instead of stone in the decoration, but also made a great improvement in the environment, the future society is a society of sustainable development, environmental protection and energy saving is the theme of the society, so in the next few years, quartz stone decoration of Chinese green building will get great development!
At present, ceramic, natural stone is two main decoration materials market, in the waste of resources, environmental pollution is more and more serious today, the awareness of environmental protection is paid more and more attention to the situation, some production can replace the pollution to the environment and other aspects are very important, and green building decoration quartz surface is not easy maintenance. Suction, easy to clean, avoid the natural stone surface is easily oxidized, easy suction, discoloration, difficult to clean, natural stone color uneven, with both ceramic finish and timber processing characteristics, can create the perfect Home Furnishing space, adornment sex is very strong. It is now widely used in the cupboard. In addition, it can also be widely applied to the walls, floors, paving, pillars and ceiling of high-end residential buildings, villas, star hotels, commercial squares, airports and subway stations, or for further processing. In fact, the application surface of artificial stone is still too narrow, and its wider application field remains to be developed.

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